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About us

Grzesiak and Partners Sp.k. is a law firm specializing in real estate law, particularly transactions and greenfield projects.

We are entrusted on a daily basis by our clients with resolving complex legal and business matters. Our strength is our efficiency.

Real estate

Our law firm specializes in real estate in the broadest sense.


Real estate sales and acquisitions are a key area of expertise for our team, including both asset deals and share deals. We will advise on all aspects of a transaction for selling or acquiring a property.


This is a field that requires the broadest range of competences and excellent management. We offer comprehensive consulting services in this area, including on creating structures, due diligence, joint ventures, purchasing real estate, obtaining financing, entering into construction contracts, commercialization, and selling a project. We will guide our clients through every stage.

Project financing
Project financing

We offer our clients advice on the legal aspects of obtaining bank or equity financing, as well as on alternative forms of raising capital.

Construction contracts
Construction contracts

This is an important element in the development of every project. We have extensive experience in this area and can guide an investor to negotiate safe terms and conditions on a contract.


We offer to organize the commercialization or re-commercialization for retail, office and logistics facilities. We are involved in negotiating over 100 leases every year.

Business advisory
Business advisory

With the experience of our team, we are able to offer our clients support in the investment process that goes beyond legal advisory.


Disputes will often accompany an investment. Therefore, we place a lot of importance on our competence in this area. We will defend our clients' investment interests and guide them through their disputes with neighbors, tenants or construction contractors.

Our strenghts

Delivering results

For lawyers to be effective, they need to have proper experience, pay attention to even the tiniest details, be proactive and think logically. However, all that means very little unless it leads to delivering the intended results for the client.

We see ourselves as professionals because we are effective. When working for our clients, we have one goal – to achieve the intended result as effectively as possible, while minimising all the potential risks.

Our team

We are as strong as our team. Those who join our ranks are not only highly qualified lawyers, but also experts of soft skills.

We encourage our team members’ passions and interests and make sure that we all can maintain a healthy work-life balance. All that has a strong positive impact on the quality of the services we provide.

Forward thinking

We make sure that we pay close attention to the changes taking place in the world of business, at the same time adapting our services and approach to the existing and future requirements of the industry.

This also applies on a micro scale when we work on projects for our clients. Through constant analysis of the stage of the project, we advise our clients on the next steps or even on changing the course if need be.

Project management

Project management plays a vital role in our work for our clients. With that approach, we can make sure that we work efficiently, which influences the prices offered to our clients.

In addition, effective project management reduces implementation time so that our Clients can benefit from the completed project more quickly.

Our Clients

Real Estate Developers

Our major area of expertise is real estate. Formerly a part of a large development and investment group, we have participated in the construction of several dozen commercial facilities. We perform due diligence analysis for real estate and companies. We offer consulting in purchasing real estate or companies, constructing and commercialising buildings, procuring funding and daily investment management.

Real Estate Owners

When working with real estate owners, we typically represent them in the process of commercialising the space in their facility or when negotiating lease contracts. It is always one of our priorities to manage the entire process skilfully so that it progresses according to the time plan.


Many of our clients are investors active in the real estate market. We offer consulting in greenfield projects, sale, purchase, reconstruction or further construction of finalised real estate investments, and joint ventures. We also collaborate with investors from other industries. We help them in take-overs of and investments in companies from various industries.


We offer legal support of key investments and daily activity of companies from diverse industries. We represent their interest when negotiating contracts and implementing investments and help them assess and manage the risk of their daily business activity. With our business expertise and perfect familiarity with the market, we know how to fulfil the expectations of our Clients.

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